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Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006, 12:35 pm

And I'm back.

We've been doing a lot of buying this month. Yesterday I acquired (through good timing and luck) a Nintendo Wii. Why? Well I want to play Zelda. And I just want one. There's a subliminal message somewhere in the Wii's advertising that says I need this. So that's what I've been thinking about. The games are promising, and I like a lot of the upcoming releases. I'm still not sure if I'm getting rid of my Gamecube though.

In addition to the Wii, last week Josh and I invested in an Xbox360. We got Gears of War. Which Josh likes, but I think it's too dark! And not dark content wise (I don't mind the gore and shooting and violence) it's just too dark for me to see what's going on. I see the appeal of the game and am willing to give it a go and play it, I just gotta play with the knobs and whatnot a little. I'm impressed with the system over all and I like a lot of the games on it. So that looks promising.

Two out of the three next gen systems in less than a month. Wheee. Honestly, the Wii is my birthday present and I'll be lucky to squeeze a card out of the husband this year since I spent too much on it. If he remembers to buy me one in the first place.

We also got a new DVD player, due to my solemn vow of not playing another DVD on a game system ever. Unless I wish it to die painfully like our Xbox. *sniff* Also a portable DVD player, and now after some vigorous toy shopping Norah is mostly done with her Chrismahanukwaza presents or whatever we're calling it this year.

My birthday is in two weeks. Blah - 25. I'm underwhelmed this year. I have nothing planned and will probably work the whole weekend through. I'll see if I can weasel out of Friday. Perhaps.

Norah is doing well and went for her second hair cut last night. Apparently Fantastic Sams = hacks. Well that's according to the other "cheap, quick" haircut place we went to. Alas it doesn't matter since I just won't pay that much for a haircut on a three year old.

I am exhausted this week for some reason and it's a miracle if I can stay awake past 9:00. It's so sad.

Hopefully I can get some laundry or cleaning done today. I think not anyways.

I have nothing to do but work for the next four days, so that's where my free time is going I guess. My life is all glamour. Oh yeah.

My pasta is ready! Time for lunchies.