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Fri, Mar. 30th, 2007, 10:02 am
New update.

Well, I'm still pregnant. I'm still here. I've been out of work for two weeks now. I normally shouldn't complain, but I'm starting to get bored. Especially on the days that Norah is at school. It gets very lonely. I know I'll have a whole new person to occupy my time in just ten days, but I just can't shake the lonely feeling.

I've been nesting like crazy! Cleaning the house. Organizing the house. Recleaning the house. It's tiring and I feel like I do it every damn day (actually I do). But I guess I'm making some progress?

We redecorated the living room, painted, got new couches. I cleaned Norah's room (a rat's nest mind you), our room (more of a rat's nest due to neglect). I'm working on the kitchen today I hope. I've got to clean out the pantry and find a place for Martha's collection of 25 year old booze. Where? I'll think of something. It all depends. All the stuff is totally overwhelming, but I'll do it. I need to otherwise I'll go crazy. It's hard when five adults live in a house together, but we have five adults, a four year old and an infant. It makes sense for things to be organized and the easiest to deal with as possible.

I'm not feeling well as of late. But that's the whole pregnancy thing. I'm swelling, sore and itchy. My body hurts, and I still have sciatica from where the baby is laying. It's super painful. Sitting, laying down, walking, standing - all difficult and painful. Mentally, I'm really very moody and can be deeply sad as of late. I'm having a hard time with that. Josh and I are having some issues, but nothing too serious. But it definitely impacts my mood and a bunch of other things. I'm lingering on it and I know I should just let it go, but I'm stuck on it.

When I'm not sleeping or cleaning I'm not doing much.

I did see 300 which I thought was fantastic.

We're taking Norah to see Meet the Robinsons this weekend. It got mixed reviews, but kid's movies always do. I think the critics need to relax a little bit, eh? It's just a kids movie. We're also probably taking her bowling on Sunday. It depends on how I feel.

A lot of our attention is on the baby and getting ready for the baby and I think that's rough for her. She's been good, but still acting out a little more than usual. I think she's pretty apprehensive although excited about the baby (funny, since so am I ha ha ha).

Sleeping was pretty rough last night, and I haven't had much of an appetite. I think it goes back to my mood. The appetite thing kills me, either I need to consume vast amounts of food or I'll only eat a pancake. When I was pregnant with Norah I couldn't stop eating. I did well with weight gain this time, I just broke about 25 lbs. (I wasn't very trim when I started). But I hope the appetite is mood related and not anything serious. I need my food.

I should get dressed. It is ten o clock. I should eat something and work on the big baby list. Cleaning the kitchen. Wooooooooo.