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Fri, May. 25th, 2007, 10:46 am

I got my TDI check! *does happy dance*

Ah, life without a paycheck sucked. I go back to work in five weeks, that also kind of sucks. Part of me wants to go because I'm bored. Part of me wants to be a stay at home mom because I kind of like it. But work is most of my social life, most of my friends are there, it's like my second family. I need to work anyways so I can go back to school.

Speaking of school, I've narrowed it down to teaching (maybe elementary school, maybe special education?), something to do with information technology, or maybe nursing (I was thinking pediatric). Nursing's on the new side as far as career considerations for me, but I'm willing to look at it. Maybe I've been watching too much ER for my own good. ;) Maybe if I don't do nursing I could look into Occupational Therapy or Social Work. I do relate to children better than adults...

Benjamin is doing well. He's just started smiling (real social smiling, not gas) and getting vocal. He's really very cute. And Huge! Totally huge. He's already almost 11 lbs. He eats like a champ.

Billie Jo and Jeremy had their baby, hooray!

Hopefully most everyone will be at our house for a backyard BBQ on Sunday. That should be fun. I hope Jeremy and Billie Joe can come, so we can see the baby.

Norah fell two weeks ago and bashed her mouth on a table. Now she has a bruised tooth. Which is black. Yay. Norah's dentist says that it's normal and should get lighter. So that's good. Norah's doing better. Her behaviour is getting better. Now that the baby's a little older, we can spend more time with her and do more things for her. So I think she's settling back now.

Josh and I's anniversary is next Sunday. One year already. Having a baby makes that fly by. I hope to go to dinner and a movie to celebrate. Eat what's left of our wedding cake, be happy. It's been a good year, so I can't complain.

My new hobby is scrapbooking. Which seems like the quintessential lonely daytime mom activity, but I actually enjoy it. I did my wedding guest book last week. I'm trying to get my pictures in order to start Norah, and Ben. I finally got all the digital prints I wanted done off KodakGallery, and well, I printed 700. I figure, it was about time.

All my pictures of Norah exist on the computer, I only have a handful of pictures of her printed (for my desk at home and at work), so I didn't think to print them. Josh may have erased all the pictures of Norah that I had on an old computer (which he feels terrible about, even though I keep telling him it's ok). So we lost the first year and half of pictures of her. Luckily for us, Scott and Josh's mom had a bunch of pictures.

I gotta go make a food shopping list and get out to the market before the craziness of Friday starts to pick up.