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Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007, 12:03 pm
Stuff and more stuff.

Not much new to report... Sadly.

Things are going well. Ben is healthy. His clogged tear ducts are almost all cleared up. He's losing the dry skin/rashy thing on his cheeks. He's gained five pounds in two months. That's right. Thirteen pounds. But he's super cute. Smiley and happy. Oh, he's almost sleeping through the night! More often than not he'll fall asleep around 10ish, then he'll rustle around three. I'll give him a pacifier and he sleeps until 6. It's nice to be able to sleep again.

Norah is doing well. The usual. School, play, doing stuff. She's getting too smart for me. Gabby is sleeping over Sunday night through Thursday night. That's a lot of nights, I'll tell ya. Should be fun. I hope anyways. I've got some neat stuff planned, here's hoping I feel like doing it. Arts and crafts, movies, the children's museum, the zoo perhaps. Hopefully they'll keep busy enough

I'm still doing the scrapbook thing. I'm trying to find ways to work at home since work is allegedly going to crap. Everytime I go visit everyone tells me its gotten so bad, so I mean, it's kind of disappointing? So I'm trying to find things I can do. I thought crafts, maybe making clothes for kids, or something. Maybe turn a hobby into something to make money. The problem is it's unreliable and kind of chancey. Whereas the job is, you know, corporate, and reliable. It's a toss up.

Since this is our last child, I'd like to not miss his first year working 40-50 hours a week. I'd like to have some flexibility to go to school and finish my degree, to start a career. Because Target is just a job. Granted everyone I work with feels like family, and all of my friends are there. It's just not going anywhere. I'm not going to spend 6+ years in school to get an MBA to get the job I want there. Just for Target. The only thing that keeps me there are the people I work with. It's not rewarding, it's not changing the world. Helping someone pick out an LCD TV isn't changing my life.

Eh, it's still up for debate. Staying at home the last three months has been great, but I'll miss the money. The not worrying about what I buy and where the money goes. Not working loses those benefits. There's always part time. Or not. I'm not sure.

Anywho, gotta go.