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Fri, Nov. 17th, 2006, 12:16 pm
Still here!

I am alive. I'm still pregnant. Five months now. Four to go!

Yesterday we found out we're having a boy!

I immediately went shopping for baby clothes. Norah started telling strangers that she's having a baby brother. Everyone seems to be pleased with the outcome. The baby is perfect and healthy so far and I'm feeling pretty darned good.

Work is rough, and getting worse. The next two months will go by quickly, but that's a good thing.

Planning and executing Thanksgiving for next week. Living at the Wexler house is still ok. Looking at houses in the area and we're actually pretty hopeful about what we can afford.

Heading to work for the night. Then a busy weekend with the Wii launch. Our PS3 launch was anticlimactic, so I'm pretty happy I got to sleep in.

I'll do some updating soon. It's hard. I save most of my energy for Norah (and Josh) and work. Livejournal, feeling the pain unfortunately.